Espaderos del Atlantico

Our Fleet

ESPADEROS DEL ATLÁNTICO S.A. has one of the main surface longline fleets in the world, being one of the reference companies internationally speaking.

Our 30 longliners fish in the best fishing grounds of the North and South Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean and market the species commonly found in surface longline fishing: SWORDFISH, BLUE SHARK, TUNA, SHORTFIN MAKO, MARLIN and SAILFISH.

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Our state of the art and multipurpose fleet, as well as all the work developed by our experienced crews, guarantee the best quality and homogeneity of the product from the very first moment of its caught.

The fleet of ESPADEROS DEL ATLÁNTICO S.A. develops its fishing activity basing on the observance of the policies regarding the sustainability of the fishing resources and the protection of the marine environment, with total rejection to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, which must be severely punished.

Espaderos del Atlantico